Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cross Paths

       So yes, no E.H.U.D., last week or this week.  Next week, though.  If you're not here for E.H.U.D., please skip the next paragraph.
       Now an E.H.U.D. update:  I've been listening to the audio book (yes, there are some things a Mac can do that a real computer can't), and have to say I'm rather happy with this draft.  That said, I do have major changes planned.  Ch. 1-4?  Total rewrite.  That doesn't mean don't read the ones on this site if you're new; the story will still be the same.  It's just that the pacing and narrative will be a little different.  Also, there are a few slight characterization changes throughout.  Keep these in mind while reading along.   1. Rachel is no longer a whiny, slacker highschooler.  She's now more responsible, doing well in school, and most importantly, not always in a row with her dad.  2. Reggie now gets along a lot better with Rachel and John, and is no longer insanely jealous of him.  This does strip him of a lot of characterization, but I plan on making him more heroic and slightly more vital to the plot in the end.  3. Rachel's Absentee Mother.  Still absent, but no longer unfit.  That just felt too cliche.  She now has a productive job in Los Angeles, and Rachel spends every summer living with her.  This is important later on.
       Okay, now the moment you've been waiting for: Cross Paths.  If you click on the picture overhead, you'll see my first "real" short film, Cross Paths.  I was approached about two weeks ago by a former churchmate, Samantha Lindholm, who was going on a missions trip to Arizona.  She had been kicking around the idea that, instead of the usual small skits done in such outreaches, she wanted a well done film to serve the same purpose.  So, here it is.  Shot over two (technically three) days, it was a bit of a troubled production.  The two main actors never showed up.  I injured my back during the editing process.  The key shot for the bible study montage just didn't work...  In the end, I think it turned out great.  God thing, eh?   Please enjoy!
       Note: the music is used illegally.  Great for a church thing, yeah?  I'm currently trying to reach the copyright holders to seek permission.