Sunday, March 6, 2016

Diary of a Man-Child 5/3/2016

     His sister was going into the kitchen, doing a little bit of light dish-work before their brother came home from college.  As she was going, he called out to her, "Hey, make me a sandwich!"  Rather than take it as a joke, she became incensed, and attacked.  Her weapon of choice: a pillow.
     He retreated partway up the stairs as the confrontation began.  Perhaps the high ground would prove to be his friend.  "Typical woman!" he crowed, as she pummeled him with a pillow.  "Typical woman; things get tough, and she starts a pillow-fight!"
     Rather than take his continued casual sexism as a joke, she became angrier.  Abandoning him and her pillow, she took up his lightsaber and flicked the handle to extend the blade.  Nothing happened.  She tried again.  Nothing continued to happen.
     "Typical woman!" he crowed.  "Can't even use simple technology!"
     So saying, she reversed the lightsaber, extended the blade, and proceeded to beat him.
     "Mom!" he called in an act of desperation.
     "Get back in the kitchen!" mom ordered.  His sister perforce complied.
     "That's right," he said, "go back to the kitchen!"
     She did not; instead, she returned to the steps and proceeded to beat him silly.