Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Too Little, Too Late...

Okay, so I missed a few things... The one year anniversary, Passover, April fools... Oh, well...

Okay, book update. I'm re-writing (again) starting from the flash back this time, trying to get the mood, and continuity, right. And that's about it. hen I'm done with the flashback and move on to the beginning of the book again, I'll do updates.

In other news, I'm almost done with a few custom action-figures, and hope to have pictures up shortly. And speaking of pictures...

Here are some long overdue photos of me in Israel, July '08. I'm not sure what order Blogger will put them in, so I'll just describe them. The highway with the minaret overlooking it is in Jerusalem, looking to the old city. The people walking are natives and tourists entering the old city in the Armenian quarter, Jaffa Gate. The ocean is the view from the roof of Hotel Gilgal, Tel-Aviv, looking at the Mediterranean. Me with sunglasses is the same rooftop, with hair pulled up to look like forelocks. Me at night is standing in front of the temple. Woot. And yes, that part of chapter three is inspired by my actual experiences.

And now for one final picture: I think the it's now defunct, but 'Infinity on Thirty Credits a Day,' brought to you from the makers of 'Irregular Webcomic' is a freelance web comic, where content is provided by member submission and vote. Follow the link to see my part in the grand space opera, and click around to see if you can find the character designs I based my work on. Infinity on 30 Credits a Day - Comic

So long, and please comment!

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