Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Teh Snake Eyes!

Okay, long time, no update! First off, a welcome to any new viewers from Hiss Tank! As promised, here's the exclusive Snake Eyes picture I promised! For this custom, I took my photos outside, and the first couple had some issues with overexposure. Well, I thought they looked rather interesting, so I kept one, and here it is...

As for other updates... Um... Oh, yes, the missions trip! It went very well; we went down to a small town outside of Antlers, Oklahoma, which itself is a small town, and got into deliverance and other freaky stuff with the locals. What I didn't expect was all the deliverance I got. To quote Larry the Cucumber: "I laughed, I cried; it moved me, Bob." We went into rejection issues, and did a little prayer thing which is fairly common in my church, where we ask God to show us memories of where our hurts come from. Yes, it sounds weird; bear with me. Anyhoo, I've done that before, and it's never worked. Not once. Needless to say, I didn't expect it to work. o I closed my eyes and asked God to show me the origins of REJECTION (the night's topic) in my life and BAM! (r.i.p., Billy Mays) I had a memory of me in an incubator in the ICU in my birth hospital. Trippy, yes? Well, I won't go into too much further detail (ask if you want to know more!) but I got a bunch of deliverance, and am getting much closer to God. WooT! Also, we went to Paris for lunch and the second day, and got lost for about two hours. Fun!

Other updates, Other updates... Oh! Yes, my little tutorial of DOOM! Almost done on that! I've finished modeling, texturing, rigging, et. all. I still haven't done lip syncing, nor do I have enough facial keyes for full animation, but I do have a DEMO VIDEO! This is based on a slightly older version of Sperry; the yawning... thingy... was done before his lower body was rigged, and before I had any mouth keyes; the walk cycle is... adequate, but I'm not happy with the arms. I plan to reanimate the walk-cycle later. And yes, It's a bit pixely; not sure why. I ran it through Avid, so that may be the problem... UPDATE: VIDEO DOES NOT WORK ON BLOG! PLEASE GO TO:¤t=SperryDemo.mp4

And last but not least, my Duke is almost done! Long time readers (no, that's a lie... there are none...) will remember the Duke figure I posted well over a year ago. Well, he's back, and better than ever, almost entirely repainted and looking swell! Be prepared for pictures soon. Last but not least, the book. Oh, the book... I've been working on it, really I have. What I'm doing this time is going through and fleshing out the synopsis a bit at a time, so I actual know what's going on before I add dialogue, which was a big problem with the last draft: I just started writing with only a general goal in mind, so it could get quite long and meandering. But no more!

Ooooh, wait, one last thing: POCKETT!!! Soon, very soon, I will be launching POCKETT, my first webcomic! more details as events warrant!

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  1. The POCKETTtm. What is it? What's it got to do with potatoes, wallets, and squids?! You said "swell." That's not Snake Eyes. It's a negative, so it's Storm Shadow.