Friday, June 17, 2011

E.H.U.D.: Prelude to Apocalypse, Introduction

The journey that has been the writing of my first real novel began sometime in 2003. I was occasionally writing a story, then entitled "Sands of Fate," that I hoped would become my first great literary work. It was a science fiction epic, set at some point in the distant future following a catastrophic nuclear disaster. Over time, however, my interest in the project flagged, as I was caught up with, well... being a child. Before the project was completely abandoned, however, I had a dream. Not a grand design, not a hope for what may be, but a literal, sleeping dream. In the dream I saw a film, made to be something of a prequel to "Sands of Fate," explaining the causes and consequences of the event that led to "Sands of Fate"'s apocalypse. Years went by, and eventually this dream was forgotten...

Then, in early 2007, I began to work on another story. It was a tale of super soldiers, fighting against those who would manipulate them. As the story progressed, I began to pull in elements from other unwritten stories, unmade films, undrawn comics. What I drew on most, however, was "Sands of Fate." Eventually, the two became linked, and I realized I had done what I had dreamt of so many years ago: I was writing the back story...

In the four years of writing E.H.U.D., I've found myself stretched as a writer. At first I thought it would be an easy job, extruding my imagination directly onto paper. Sadly, it doesn't work this way. There are re-writes, plans, more rewrites, periods of writers block and, worst of all, research. Yes, I've actually had to work to write this thing. It is by no means finished; in fact, I'm currently re-writing it from the ground up.

A look through this blog will show my past attempts at E.H.U.D. Draft three was published over the course of several months, lost in the archives due to a series of "witty" post titles rather than convenient chapter headings. And now it is time to start again. Draft four is ready to be disseminated to the people, to you. Hopefully, you will enjoy it. Even more hopefully, you will give me free editing advice. If not, well, that is your right.

In publishing this draft, I will be making an effort towards navigability. Each post will be titled with the name of the book, followed by the part number, then the chapter. Each post will contain only the text of the chapter, possibly with a supporting graphic. I will post a comment on each, explaining my thoughts while working on the chapter, as well as any interesting trivia.

Again, I hope you all will enjoy reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. I can guarantee no schedule of publication, nor can I guarantee that the entire draft will be published. I merely guarantee that I will do the best I can. Goodbye now, God bless you, and have a good week.

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