Saturday, October 31, 2009

Not Quite Tree House of Horror...

Happy Halloween!

And a very special greeting to any new visitors! Tonight, wearing the prototype of my E.H.U.D. costume, I went to my church's Halloween alternative event and handed out little cards advertising this blog. If you're reading this because you got one of those cards, then welcome!

If you are first time visitors, then I have a special intro for you, in the form of an F.A.Q. So here we go:

1) Who are you?

My profile is over on the right side. But the short answer is that I'm Hez, Tulsa resident and author.

2) What is the purpose of this blog?

This blog exists primarily for one purpose: to promote my forthcoming novel series, American Inheritance. Yes, this is all a marketing ploy. However, I'm still working on the first part of the novel, so the blog is serving a slight secondary purpose: to help in the production, editing, and eventual publication of said novel. In order to help achieve this goal, I started wearing my special costume to advertise this blog.

3) What was that costume you were wearing?
The costume was armor worn by the E.H.U.D. soldiers in my current novel. It was made from cardboard, rubber-bands, and spray paint. The helmet is an actual U.S. military helmet. Up above, you can see a picture of the costume, as well as some design images.

4) What is E.H.U.D.?

E.H.U.D. is an acronym for Enhanced Human Ultimate Defense. E.H.U.D. is a fictional United States military defensive initiative featured in my novel, E.H.U.D.: Prelude to Apocalypse. The initiative is two-fold: First, to provide American soldiers with advanced arms and armor to help them fight in modern wars against new and deadly weapons. The armor featured in the costume is the most visible result of this program: a multi-layered, hydraulics powered suit of armor that not only protects soldiers from most types of arms fire, but also enhances their physical abilities, allowing them to run faster, jump farther, and in general kill more efficiently. The second part of the initiative is kept secret from the public and involves more unconventional processes. The secret part of the program has the goal of taking normal humans and altering their genetic structure to imbue them with special abilities, including telepathy and telekinesis. These augmented humans are then intensively trained for a number of years and provided with the afore mentioned suits, making them the most deadly warriors ever to walk the face of the earth.

5) What is E.H.U.D.: Prelude to Apocalypse?

E.H.U.D.: Prelude to Apocalypse is the first book in my six-part science fiction epic American Inheritance. It takes place approximately thirty years in the future, and follows the lives of an ensemble cast, including the President of the United States, his wife, a Philadelphia architect, his niece, and a mysterious electrician named Allen as they are caught up in the machinations of a corrupt politician and the mystery surrounding the E.H.U.D. program. The story follows its heroes through assassinations, intrigue, civil war and finally apocalypse, leaving them to pick up the pieces of a broken world. The book's not done yet; however, the third draft of the manuscript is being placed onto this blog, and can be found in the archives to the right. Unfortunately, the post names do not reflect what chapters they contain, so you'll have to search a bit if you're interested in reading more. A brief word of caution: E.H.U.D. is not for everybody, and is intended for mature readers only. If you're okay with the works of Michael Chricton or Orson Scott Card, you will definitely want to read on.

6) Wow, that's interesting! Can I help out in any way?

Well, I always need feedback. If you could just read a chapter and leave a comment, that would be terrific! Even if you don't have time to read a full chapter (they're a tad lengthy), leaving a comment would be great! In fact, leave a comment on this post! Also: tell your freinds about this blog!

7) Anything else you want to tell us?

Yes; tomorrow's my 20th birthday! Woot!

And that's about all! If you're reading this, please comment and say so.

I hope you all have a nice week, and look forward to seeing you all after my freakish twenty-five hour birthday!

Woot woot!


  1. Comments on Chapter 21, etc. from Dad
    I like! One of these days I'd like to get the entire thing in order and start to read it.
    1)sound of large car vs. Old van next to gas pump.
    2) a few misplaced words, i.e., in instead of is, ca for can, that type of thing. Didn't track where they are.
    3) Missing beginning quotes in a few parts of conversation between Abigail and Rachel in van.
    4) In the pictures (action figures) section, "decent" (good, kind, etc) is spelled descent (a lowering of elevation)

  2. Hi! This is a Christain with a Blog. actually commenting on the previous post. The civil war idea is really cool and interresting. Just wanted to leave a comment. UR a cool dude.