Saturday, March 13, 2010


Okay, more of teh updatez! First, a shout-out to my brother, who is now sixteen. WOOT. Second, teh updatez for the book: I've gone through and actually read part of it now, and have to say I've found many issues. There will now be a re-write and a general streamlining, and at least two subplots will be cut. One, I'm happy about, but the other will be sorely missed... Third: Next week, I will publish the next chapter of the book, and will continue to publish until I get to the last completed chapter of draft three, even though I am currently going back and starting draft 4.

And last but certainly not least, fourth: Bob! Continuing from my little video last time, I have further refined Bob's mesh, and have even brought him into the world with me. Please note: This is essentially an all new Bob, with a completely different skeleton: Although you can't see it in the video, he has a complete spine, and can bend at the torso and neck. Unfortunately, I built him from the head down, rather than the crotch up, so he can't bend over; he can only levitate his body in the air. Not fun. And before I forget, sorry about the poor video quality; I had my sister filming freehand, rather than with a tripod, so there's a noticeable shake. I was going to re-film it, but I just couldn't wait :)

Anyho, (There it is again, that anyhoo...) Have a good week, enjoy your extra-short night tonight, special thanks to reader for ACK for commenting, and please, PLEASE leave comments of your own. Thank you.


  1. Dood Wootar!!!

    Thanks first of all for the shoutout. But I just wanted to mention i'm 16 and 9 months because life starts at conception and abortion is down. right. low. dirty. genocide.

    Also, I get your problem with Bob, and I'm sorry I don't read the book, I'm just not that into novels.

    Now someone's after me cause my URL contains illegal characters.

  2. It gets quite interesting near the end. But, what's the point? Why is he nuking the world and then leaving a sleazebag in control? In fact, why is he nuking the world, period? Hmmm.
    R Craig Bennetts

  3. It looks like my first post didn't make it through. I found a number of typos that spell check won't find. Also, chapter 13 confused me...