Friday, April 8, 2011

Tales From The Forgotten Wastes

Announcing, Tales From The Forgotten Wastes, a new webseries created by Hezekiah and Caleb Bennetts! Production starts soon!
The Plot: Four acquantinces find themselves playing an RPG tgether, and slowly but surely become freinds-- if they can survive eachother's company! Meanwhile, their in-game characters must overcome extraordinary odds to save the kingdom from the forces of Evil. Sadly, their own incompetence may cost them the day...
The Problem: We need actors and assistants.
The Solution: YOU! Yes, you, have the chance in joining two novice filmmakers as they embark on the journey of a life time! We need cast, crew, equipment funding. No offer of help will be turned down.
To find out more, or to request a copy of the script for audition purposes, simply leave a comment or send a message.
Stay tuned for upcoming production art and updates.
Till then, Hez Out.

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