Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Mmmm... First update in months. If I had any readers, they've probably dropped off by now... Anyway...
I'm going to go ahead with updates on the long-term stuff. "Sorry" is still in post-production; I'm currently tweaking the sound. If I could actually just sit down one day and work on it uninterrupted, I could probably finish it, but... Meh.
E.H.U.D., though, E.H.U.D. is going well. I'm working through draft 4, and, after the current chapter is done, will start updating it. For those of you who read draft 3, fear not: this draft is 100% all new.
Other news, other news... I've uploaded a new custom to figurerealm, be sure to check that out. Don't have the new camera yet (a T3, now) but wanted to get it up anyway. Also, Pockett has updated, a real, completely real new comic for the first time this year! The engine and fire where made by me in blender, and the background was lit and rendered by me in DAZ 3D (check it out today, it's free!)
And speaking of DAZ... The picture at the top was made in DAZ, just an experiment I was doing with their dynamic clothing. As you can see from around the knees, there were... strange... results. I couldn't experiment too much with it, though, because it took 3+ hours to calculate each time.

P.S. I found out today that I've been accepted into ORU's Multi-Media Institute! Which means I'll be used for free labor from 8-5 all next year... Oh well, I'm happy. Thank you, Jesus!

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