Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strangers With Toys

Okay, where was I? Ah, yes, informal transactions.

So, Anthony and I made a deal, swapping figures for a nominal fee. Well, the other week I was on Hisstank and I saw someone do something I had never had the courage to do: effectively get on to someone for customizing a rare figure that many would pay good money to get. Now, this telling-off was done kindly (and maybe I was only reading too much into it), and this poster offered a hypothetical solution: trading the unaltered original figure for comparable parts. Thus Poster one could have the parts to make the custom, and Poster 2 could have his holy grail.

Well, this sentiment was something I could agree with and as it happened, I was just about to destroy another copy of the same figure for custom purposes. You can probably tell were this is going...

Now, the last time I did a (semi-) informal transaction was around 2003ish on eBay, trading $20 for a box of X-Men figures. $20 bucks was a lot for me back then, and, well, the figures never came, and there was no way to recoup my investment.

So seven years later, I get to reach out and trust somebody... And I end up with two new figures, one of which had a part I needed a duplicate of for a custom!

So why am I telling y'all all this? Mostly, it's to finish up what I started on the other post. But, it's also for a much deeper reason...

You see, today I was at a Social Media seminar, and the big lesson I took away from that was that the best way to drive traffic to your blog is to create content. So I'm manipulating personal anecdotes for personal gain. No, I don't feel guilty at all.

And that ends that little section of today's post! As for other updates: Pockett is up, and I'm hoping to move back to the old update schedule (time to draw one strip: 1 1/2 lectures, or one lecture and a lab). Also, I'm looking into doing some reviews of old video games I've played, along with accompanying cute cartoons.

Well, that's really all I have to say today, so if any of what I've posted interests you, or you want to argue about the relative moral issues involved in manipulating pathos for gain, please leave comments below. That means you, Nancy; I know you're there...

Okay, so, um... Hez out. Bye now...

It's over.


Oh. If anyone knows how to add a Digg button to this, please comment. Kthnxbye.

And if you happen to have any old X-Men movie toys laying around, especially Mystique, just contact me.

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  1. Soup Squared!

    To "digg," you have to set your blog to post pages, which you can apparently do with Settings, Enable Post Pages, Yes. Then you will be able to have "digg," but you won't be able to set which post has or doesn't have "digg." It's all or nothing. I found this info at:

    Also, good trnsactions, and I'm sorry I don't read your blog more often.
    heart, your Bro

    P.S. Manipulating pathos. Meh.