Friday, September 10, 2010

Pick of the Week-- Sept 2/4

Okay, Pick of the Week # 2. This week the award goes to Viper, by Wry1. The Viper is an important part of the G.I. Joe universe, and past versions have been... iffy, at best. The original (and re-releases, updates) was one of the best real-world style troop-builders, but recent versions *Cough* Rise of Cobra! *Cough* have been lacking.

Wry1's version, however, is a nice compromise. With the helmet, goggles, color scheme, and armored pads, it is reminiscent of the original figure, but it manages to update the design, and bring the figure straight into urban warfare. in addition to that, the paint is clean and detailed, the use of parts is good, and it just has an all around good presentation. The only nit-pick is that, from certain angles, the chest pouches look rather... moob-ish...

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