Monday, November 29, 2010

Pick of the Week, Nov 4/4

Okay, November draws to a close, and I'm late again. Phoo sticks.
So yeah... Thanksgiving was good, black friday was skipped entirely, and I'm in my last week of fall semester; shots all around. To check out two of my final projects, head over to I think you'll like what you see... If I ever actually update the comics...

Now, onto the Pick. This week we have WWII 101st Screaming Eagles by lance858a. While the 101st was a real unit, these characters are not: they are Duke, Hawk, and Flint from the joeverse. However, the costumes are very well done and historically accurate, and feature parts from multiple toy lines, as well as original sculpted parts. Add in the detailed paint job, and you have a trio of very good figures.

And as for the October Pick of the Month: the winner is Kamakura by kingphilbert. Congratulations, kingphilbert!

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