Saturday, December 11, 2010

The end of the Pick...

Okay, so... I'm two weeks into December, and have had no picks. Why? Well, I'm discontinuing the product, as it were. Do to the lack of feedback, and the fact that I'm a bit bored with it, I shall do no more picks. That's not to say they won't come back (especially if I get feedback!), but right now, I'm going to focus on other things. I'll probably have a November vote sometime next week, and that'll be the end...

In the meantime: The novel is under way again! I've finished writing an extensive draft of notes and plot details, and will now start actually writing again! Also: as soon as get my birthday/christmas camera (a Canon Rebel T2i!), I'm going to take some good pictures of my own customs and upload those. Finally, Those who read Pockett will notice a real, live, legitimate update! An update that promises... reruns. Yes, ten strips in, and reruns. But there will be some new content, and I'm also working my way towards finishing the digital models for all new stuff, so look for great things to come from Pockett!

Thanks now, and see y'all later!

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