Friday, October 1, 2010

Pick of the Week, Oct 1/5

Okay, the first pick of October goes to GI JOE LETHAL Shockwave by IIIzoeIII. To be honest, I don't know much about Shockwave other than the fact that he's an urban commando type dude. And to be honest; I don't know what this figure is made out of; I can identify a few parts (head, accessorries) but not the whole thing. That's becasue this figure has a full fabric outfit. Yeah, it's that awesome. At this scale, not too many people try fabric, or have it look good even if they do try. Heck, Hasbro still has a hard time getting it right. But IIIzoeIII has managed to pull off something that looks right, that looks perfectly blended into the sculpted details, looks right at home on this figure. If this figure were upsized to a twelve-inch doll, it would still be pretty impressive. So at this size... well... In addition, the paintwork (including, I assume, the fabric camo) looks good, the figure is recognizably Shockwave, and it just has an all around good presentation. Kudos to you, IIIzoeIII.

To see more of this figure, as well as to find other figures in the GI JOE LETHAL series, head on over to
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