Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pick of the Week, Oct 3/4

Okay, so I missed last week... I was still stoned; I'm sorry. Besides, its not like anyone actually reads this, right? So anyway, I'm bumping October down to only four Picks. And here's this week's: Supreme Class Blackout, by UltraMagnus2008. One of my long-term Transformer fantasies has been to have figures that are in scale with G.I. Joes. After all, they both come from the same company, both have a strong shared history, and Joes constantly use vehicles. Perfect right? Well UM08 obviously thought so, so he brought us Blackout, done in a movie styling, in scale with Joes (although I have to admit, he still looks a little to small...) Unfortunately, it doesn't transform, but it still looks cool. Very imposing, well constructed... And UM08 even says that a better paint job is forthcoming! So, Kudos to UM 08 for a job well done! Check out the figure at:

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