Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pick of the Week, Oct 4/4

Okay, here it is: the final pick of the week for October! Yes, yes, there should be five; so sue me. (Not really) Anyhoo, this week's pick is Kamakura by kingphilbert. Yes, that's right, another Kamakura. This one, however, is quite different than last month's reigning champ: kingphilbert decided to go with a completely different style, going for a more utilitarian, light-traveling commando look. The only thing that really screams Kamakura out of all of this is the green color and mask. Still though, it's an interesting new take on a... okay, he's still a new character, but you get where I'm going. Of special note on this figure though is the skin tone: it is a custom mix, not store bought. Quite impressive. You can check out the figure at

Other incidental update: Pockett is currently floundering, but I should be updating it again sometime in late November. Also, I've started actively writing E.H.U.D. again, so expect updates soon TTFN, Hez out.

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